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Why is crypto-education so important? Well at OOTWI we abide by the mantra of: ‘We invest in innovative technology, promote the work of entrepreneurs, and provide financial education.’ Our portfolio constantly evolves and adapts depending on the current financial environment so that you can benefit the most. And if there was one asset class that stood out the most over the last 12 months, it is undoubtedly the cryptocurrency industry. Crypto-education has continued to grow in importance due to the unfathomable growth of this new industry.

The Rise of Crypto Assets in 2021

Our CEO and Founder, Rhys King, has been involved in Cryptocurrency since 2013 and therefore has always had an invested interest in digital assets since the birth of OOTWI. However, never has there been a more exciting time to further immerse oneself into this industry-disrupting technology than in 2021. We have witnessed the total market cap of a crypto spike from $500 Billion to over $3 Trillion, an impressive 6-fold increase! Likewise, Bitcoin became a $1 Trillion asset and El Salvador made the aspiring decision to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. Subsequently, this led many in the financial and political establishment to respond. Most notably, The International Monetary Fund has publicly shared their distaste towards El Salvador’s decision and have requested they retract this immediately. The turbulence caused simply demonstrates the backing and influence the Crypto industry now has.

Interestingly, Bitcoin’s ascendency over the last 12 months has caused many investors to view it as a float to safety from the cascading money printing and rampant inflation prevalent over the world. This is somewhat unsurprising when you become aware of the daunting inflation figures in recent months. Just a few for example; Argentina 52%; Turkey 21%, USA 6.2% (highest in three decades). Therefore, more than ever people are looking for alternative methods to saving and investing, but sadly struggle to receive the helpful, bitesize information necessary. Introducing – 123Cryptos.

What is 123Cryptos?

We are excited to share our latest project at OOTWI, 123Cryptos, which will act as your hub for crypto-education (and general financial education). Crypto shares the same characteristic as other financial assets, which is complexity and intricacy. However, we don’t feel that must be the case. Everyone can learn whether you are interested in the topic or not. Perhaps you’re not interested in the finer details of cryptography and Bitcoin’s network, or you don’t want complicated economic jargon. Maybe you just want education. 

We are tailoring to the everyday person and embracing an open space for questions and queries. Arguably, too many aspects of the financial world are overcomplicated, which as a result prevents people from gaining the confidence to enter the space in the first place. We will be creating blogs, broken down terminologies and an interactive application where you can learn about Bitcoin and money, while at the same time also being rewarded in crypto!

The crypto industry is an exciting and innovative space to be involved in and we are determined more than ever, to help you get by and learn a few things along the way. Watch this space and feel free to get in touch for more information.

If you found this blog interesting and want to learn more, check out our new education website: 123Cryptos. Learn simply about Bitcoin, money, technology and crypto through our course, blog and podcast. Our free course is available today and takes no more than 100 minutes to complete. 
Start learning today!

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